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    The company was founded in 2006

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    Domestic export trade


Industry Solutions

Taking "to be a professional supplier of LED advertising lighting application products in China" as its own responsibility, it is specialized in r&d, production and sales of LED light module, LED light bar, LED high voltage hard light bar, LED power supply and other products.



    LED lights and LED floodlight used in road lighting, can suppress the accidents, to a certain extent for drivers and residents to provide more at night


    Parking Lot

    LED street lamp used in the parking lot, can improve the visibility of vehicles, to provide internal security to the owner, helps to control crime and suspicious activities.


    Gas Station

    Gas station LED street lamp lighting, ensure the safety of the gas.



    Factory using LED high compartment lights, lighting effect is good, guarantees the industrial production and operation.



    LED high compartment lights, particularly applicable to a high ceiling space of the warehouse, can improve the visibility of the space, to ensure the operation of the warehouse.

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    8-12F, mingjinhai industrial complex building, zhoushi road, shiyan town, baoan district, shenzhen City,China

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